Monday, December 17, 2007

Week of December 17th: Reasons to Celebrate

Monday: The First Powered Flight

You may recall that last week there was a little diddy on the wright brother flight day Kittyhawk. Well the day first recognized as the real date for the first heavier than air aircraft flight. In total Wilbur, the most rock and roll of the duo, flew for 57 seconds over a distance of 852 feet. In celebration DOA suggests that you jump of a high object and land on a relatively soft object. (Snow is a good crash pad)

Tuesday: Rock Band for PS2 Release Date

Seriously get it

From arguably the world leaders in musical video gamery Harmonix (Note: not Red Octane) comes the coolest and most ludicrously priced piece of sweetness to date. Yes well technically its already on 360 and what not now is the chance for you people without 500$ but with over 200$ of expendable income to purchase it for a last generation system and then alienate all your friends over who gets to play drums.

Wednesday: Criss Angels Birthday

Yeah he's pretty and would probably steal your girlfriend, whether he wanted to or not, in 4 seconds flat, but the dude is the definition of awesome. What if your job was getting run over by a steamroller while lying stomach down on a bed of glass, if you were me you would not be able to make a career out of it being that you would die. But not this guy nope far too awesome, in hindsight he probably has the force.

Thursday: Vespasian ascends to the throne of the Roman Empire

While this may not seem awesome I direct your attention to two points

1. The name Vespasian is cool, we're talking absolute zero cool

2. Vespasian began the construction of the coliseum

You can thank Vespasian for this one
its on the house.

Friday: A Full year in Space for Vladimir Georgievich Titov and Musa Manarov

Space, lots of spectacular stuff comes from space, it is a sea of most excellent objects and experiences. Between December 21st 1987 and December 21st 1988 Musa Manarov and Georgievich Titov were flotsam in that ocean of awesome aboard MIR. In addition Manarov had a kickin' mustache

Saturday: Global Orgasm Day / Solstice

This is a joint entry because while the obvious thing to recognize today is the fact that it is the first day of winter (in the north) or summer (in the south) both are exceptional things to celebrate but how to celebrate them?

Thats where Global Orgasm comes in they are a movement that is attempting to rid the world of negative energy with an influx of positive sexual energy. Nothing I could potentially say would do this justice check the site

Sunday The Discovery of a Coelacanth

Dateline December 23rd East London a trawler returns to port carrying a species of fish called the Coelacanth the oldest species of jawed fish and considered a living fossil almost unchanged from its prehistoric ancestors.

Ugly yes but its almost a dinosaur

While to find is cool and the fact that there are still living things that have been representing since the Paleozoic Era the real reason for this inclusion is the linkage without the Coelacanth we could never enjoy this classic Achewood gem

Next Week... Christmas!!! Maybe....

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