Wednesday, January 16, 2008

T.Owesome: Ying Ying Soy Food

Tofu maybe you like it maybe you don't but even if you don't like it if your from Toronto there is one fact you cannot deny. Ying Ying Soy Food at the St Lawrence Market is some of the best in Toronto. Not a soy guy you say? Tofu to soggy? Well this aint your mommas tofu son this stuff is firm well seasoned and teeming with the protein that all vegitarians need.

This is delicious! No this is Tofu!

And whats more this tofu while tasty is marinated in over a thousand years of tradition, Ohhhh Succulent! Its all organic and is made with no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) so its good for all of you people wanting to take it green and breezy. Seriously the stuffs good for you Cristy Zhang and Ming Yu the duo that run the joint are well into middle age and still looking in great health. Bottom line with a butload of flavours and the fact that its so damn good for you go get some!

Interawesome: Overclocked Remix

So right now your on the Internet and if its after midnight then the chances are even higher that you are some manner of nerd, geek or dork. Now far be it from me to insult my humble readers because I am all these things and its good to know that society is coming around to recognizing the we are good people. That being said because you are some manner of nerd you probably like video games right? Course you do and lets face it the Internet is still a pretty quiet place, sonically speaking. So your gonna need music right? Course you are, so if you like video games, music and the internet then surf on over to for all your video game musical needs.

Run by the ever candid David Lloyd AKA djpretzel ,who has contributed a ton of remixes of his own, this site has been around 1999 and has liternally thousands of user contributed remixes of all of your favorite games and a bunch you've never heard of. Ever wanted to hear extra pumpin' versions of the already amazing Fzero sound track? or maybe a salsa inspired MGS II remix? Well you can now. Some of the remixes are absolutly fantastic and are easily on par and better than a lot of production quality music these days and certainly alot better than a lot of the garbage that passes for electronic music nowadays. Given some of the charm may be the source material but in reality these are excellent stand alone works worthy of their own albums.

The 45 track Final Fantasy VII album cover

Oh wait they actually have albums, yeah. Radical Dreamers, FF7, Sonic 3, Street Fighter 2, Chrono Trigger, Kirby's Adventure, Doom, Sonic 2, Donkey Kong and super Metroid all have their own alubms complete with cover art, liner note and 11 -45 songs per album( some are multi disc) and they're all available for free via torrent or direct download. In closingcheck this site out your ears will thank you.

More Awesome Links

Good new as of this date my links are literally growing exponentially!! We have a new link to Amanda Johnson's blog about being on a student exchange to Ireland. Its called Apples Abroad and its pretty good check it out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week of January 14th 2008 Reasons to Celebrate

Monday: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Yup if you are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church its time to sing AULD LANG SYNE and get a really bad hangover! Well if you're a devout member of the Orthodoxy drinking Spumante until you heave all over your friends floor is probably not your bag, but don't worry because I bit the bullet and did it for you about 2 weeks ago. SWEET!!!

Tuesday: Wikipedia Goes Online!

Happy Birthday Wikipedia without you thousands, nay Millions! of university and high school kids would have to wade through books and the library for their information. Nah Wikipedia I'm just joshin' ya I think your pretty swell and you give me so much to write about for this blog that I dedicate this week to you because I would hazard you are one of the most influential forces in the modern Internet. Also the above XKCD comic is amusing and if they can dig you that so can I.

I won't digg you though.

Wednesday: Buckminister Fuller wins the Gold Medal from the American Architects Institute

What did old Buckminister ever do for me? You may ask. Well aside from having one of the sauciest names in the English language he invented the... hold on let the anticipation run its course..... Geodesic Dome. Not only was it a revolutionary design concept it totally rocked the Montreal World Expo and to top things off ol' Bucky he studied with all the greats at America's greatest art institution Black Mountain College. Finally all politicians owe him a debt of gratitude for coining the phrase "Debunked" because I see how much you like to throw that word around.

Thursday: The south pole is reached for the first time

Robert F Scott we Salute you

Coincidence I think not

Back in 1912 nobody before this guy had gone that far south. Some are born great other have greatness thrust upon them but Robert Scott had greatness names upon him, I know this because anyone with the middle name Falcon must be destined for greatness. It also occurs to me that he probably was the captain of a ship thus making him Captain Falcon, coincidence that this great man and the protagonist from F-Zero are of the same namesake? NOPE!!

Friday: Thesaurus Day!!

Ahh Thesaurus Day in a word how could you define Thesaurus Day, if it were any other day I might be tempted to call it awesome and leave it at that, but not Peter Roget's, of Roget's Thesaurus, birthday. No Thesaurus Day is. Alarming, astonishing, awe-inspiring, awful, beautiful, breathtaking, daunting, dreadful, exalted, far out, fearful, fearsome, formidable, frantic, frightening, grand, hairy, horrible, horrifying, imposing, impressive, intimidating, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing, moving, nervous, overwhelming, shocking, striking, stunning, stupefying, terrible, terrifying, wonderful, wondrous, zero cool and any other synonyms of awesome

Saturday: The first GUI is announced

Arguably the first ever personal computer with a GUI (graphical user interface) is announced by windows. This powerhouse had 2 Megabytes of RAM Sexy. Also this day in history NOT A LOT OF HAPPY STUFF!!!

Sunday Ati-Atihan

Its the mother of all Philippine festivals a whole day of dancing and revelry throughout the streets of Kalibo. Ati-Atihan was originally a Catholic celebration of the Santo Nino ( the image of baby Jesus in and around the Philippines) that has now morphed into a gigantic party/ tourist attraction said to rival Mardi Gras . The festival itself is 2 weeks long but like most party's its pretty much just gets crazy in the last three days just before the parents get home to find a huge mess.

Awesome Hiatus Over!!

Alright now that Chirstmas, post Christmas, New Years, Hangover, Internet Trouble, New Computer and University Registration are over its time to get back to business. Sorry I suck

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ambiguosly Awesome: Arcology

So you think you like the environment? Well you don't like it half as much as Paolo Soleri. Oh whats wrong don't know who Paolo Soleri is? Well listen up you splendid individual you! Paolo Soleri is a man who invented Arcology.

Yes This Arcology

See you knew it all along, all it took was a video game reference, well its true Sim City nor its parent company Maxis invented these terrific little buggers it was in fact Paolo Soleri. But what is that pretty thing that cost so much money in Sim City 2000? Well arcologys are just what they sound like, not like archeology but rather a mash up of Ecology and Architecture. Check it the idea is that you can live in harmony with nature in a hyper urban environment, post urban if you will. The concept is to build a city in three dimensions rather than two which is what we do currently and what leaves us open to the menace that is urban sprawl. The idea is that we can all live in an environment without waste and one that can be place in a natural environment and not destry the nature that it exists with. Currently there are none and the closest thing we got is what Paulo Soleri is building in the Arizona wilderness called Arcosanti. While it is still in its infancy this is an idea that could potentially save the world, and last time I checked and according to most video games I've played, books I've read and movies I've seen saving the world is most righteously awesome.

Awesome Science: 360 Degree Light Fields

Did you know that holograms were integral to saving the very world we know and cherish? Yes sir they were used a long time ago in a galaxy far away to map the rebel assaults on the death star. Not only did these maps look elegant and accurate they were the life blood of the Bothan economy.

Many Bothans died for this JPEG

Since I guess we forgot how to make holograms since those ancient days of space battles and laser warfare we have begun to re-pioneer the use of the hologram. Well the folks at the University of Southern California are busy working on it. While this is awesome news and could very well be the coolest thing we here at DoA have seen in a while I have to be fair, what else is there to do in Southern California other than make holograms.

Interesting Fact! Dennis Gabor of Hungary invented the use of holograms, known as holography, in 1971 and it won him the Nobel prize in physics. Not to shabby.

Oh yeah and those kids from USC you can check out a very quiet video of their holograms at