Saturday, December 15, 2007

Awesome Adventures: Tobogganing

Nonfattening, Overburdening, Meningeal, Carpetbagging, Ingenious, these are just some of the words that spell check thinks of when I misspell tobogganing. All I can think of is awesome. Whether you beerboggan, cocktoggan or just plain toboggan, your pass time of choice has a long history of tantalizingness starting when the first Egyptian brewed beer and then rode a stone plinth down one of the great pyramids. This history continued today with the plethora of snow that has deigned to descend upon the great city of Barrie. Despite, or maybe because of, the forced Siberian death march across the plains of Sunnidale park, we ignited the hills with streaks of fire erupting from our "air thunder" snowboogie and collective magic carpets. Jumps, crashes and dogs wearing sweaters could not impede the velocity of these champions of the downhill head first assault. By ones and by thrice they came sputtering and rolling down the hill only to collectively shatter against the rocks of steadily declining kinetic energy.


As is inevitably the case we all anon back to the homestead to imbibe alcohol and hot beverages our pants soaking in the blood of our slain adversary ... SNOW!!!!

Special thanks to guest contributor Mandrew Chizoptiany

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