Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T.Owesome: Chapter Eleven

Its December 11th. Lets face it we, especially us here in Toronto are stuck with some less than hospitable weather, unless you're into fridophilia ( a sexual complication that leads to a sexual attraction to the cold) which is unlikely because A) thats crazy and B) I'm pretty certain that I just made that up on the spot for comedic effect. Regardless if feeling cold is not your forte and drinking craft beer and sitting around a fire is well then Chapter Eleven at 577 Parliament Street is worth a look for you.


Chapter Eleven is one of those joints where you can go and really unwind, unlike other bars where there are inevitably drunken rowdy idiots or if not that than a bunch of quiet creeps sitting around conversing with their alcohol of choice, Chapter won't mind if you're quiet and introspective at the window or with a troupe of friends indulging in a good laugh or playing any of the available board games by the fire place.

Whats this oh your one of those people who goes to an establishment for things other than the ambiance? Have no fear good sir Chapter Eleven has consumables of the highest quality. The full Mill .St brew line brewed scant kilometers away in the Distillery District, as well as various other micro-brews from around the region and abroad are all available on tap. Try their black and tan which is a departure from the traditional recipe and uses the local varieties for a very full taste, if your a fan of the domestic beers like Canadian and Coors look elsewhere.

Bottom line it may not be loud and boisterously awesome like explosions but when it comes down to it Chapter Eleven.. totally an awesome congregating spot, especially if you live in Cabbagetown.

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