Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Awesome Science: 360 Degree Light Fields

Did you know that holograms were integral to saving the very world we know and cherish? Yes sir they were used a long time ago in a galaxy far away to map the rebel assaults on the death star. Not only did these maps look elegant and accurate they were the life blood of the Bothan economy.

Many Bothans died for this JPEG

Since I guess we forgot how to make holograms since those ancient days of space battles and laser warfare we have begun to re-pioneer the use of the hologram. Well the folks at the University of Southern California are busy working on it. While this is awesome news and could very well be the coolest thing we here at DoA have seen in a while I have to be fair, what else is there to do in Southern California other than make holograms.

Interesting Fact! Dennis Gabor of Hungary invented the use of holograms, known as holography, in 1971 and it won him the Nobel prize in physics. Not to shabby.

Oh yeah and those kids from USC you can check out a very quiet video of their holograms at


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