Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ambiguosly Awesome: Arcology

So you think you like the environment? Well you don't like it half as much as Paolo Soleri. Oh whats wrong don't know who Paolo Soleri is? Well listen up you splendid individual you! Paolo Soleri is a man who invented Arcology.

Yes This Arcology

See you knew it all along, all it took was a video game reference, well its true Sim City nor its parent company Maxis invented these terrific little buggers it was in fact Paolo Soleri. But what is that pretty thing that cost so much money in Sim City 2000? Well arcologys are just what they sound like, not like archeology but rather a mash up of Ecology and Architecture. Check it the idea is that you can live in harmony with nature in a hyper urban environment, post urban if you will. The concept is to build a city in three dimensions rather than two which is what we do currently and what leaves us open to the menace that is urban sprawl. The idea is that we can all live in an environment without waste and one that can be place in a natural environment and not destry the nature that it exists with. Currently there are none and the closest thing we got is what Paulo Soleri is building in the Arizona wilderness called Arcosanti. While it is still in its infancy this is an idea that could potentially save the world, and last time I checked and according to most video games I've played, books I've read and movies I've seen saving the world is most righteously awesome.

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