Monday, December 10, 2007

Ambiguously Awesome: Robots!!!!

What better way to begin a blog about awesome things than with the thing that is probably the most awesome, Synthetic Sweetness thy name is Robot. Yes they may be the downfall of society as we head towards the technological singularity that will inevitably destroy mankind but god damn if we are going out we are going out with style

If we are going to be consumed in a fiery demise this is what I want it to be coming from not some "Super Volcano" as certain television specials and *scoff* Geologists would have us believe.

Don't forget that robots are not just awesome because of the impending robocalypse but also because they are really good at fighting and generally have lasers and stuff, and according to the latest polls weaponized lasers are in fact very awesome.

Get out there and try and be as awesome as robots, the optimal word being try.

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