Thursday, December 13, 2007

Awesome Words: The Steam Punk Guide to the Apocalypse

Pop Quiz!! The world has been consumed by a tide of nuclear fire. Governements are struggling to maintain any semblance of order and general havoc is having its way with just about everything. Do you.

(A) Join the Militia and attempt to restore order to the mob rule that has taken hold.

(B) Retreat to your place of solitude and horde high technology

(C) Declare that this tragedy occurred due top use of perverse hyper technology and use this as an opportunity to topple the colonialist system once and for all and proclaim the glory of Victorian era holistic ( and on occasion incendiary) technologies

If choice C even remotely appeals to you DoA strongly suggests strongly suggests that you head on over to Steam Punk Magazine and check out their stunning little publication The Steam Punk's guide to the Apocalypse.

Verbose and intellectual yet eloquent, the Steam Punk triple threat.

a 31 page version is available freely, although a donation is appreciated, on the website in the downloads section, however the truly will note that they can spring for the physical book with its illustrations and paintings in all their Steam Punk meets teen girl squad glory. This is the kind of thing that that certain top hat and pocket watch some one with a fondness for automata would love to get in their stocking for Christmas although lets not delude ourselves after the blast the owners of these manuals will undoubtedly do away with such anachronistic holidays in favor of much more appropriate holidays such as Charles Babbage day which not coincidentally is actually the 26th of December.

P.S If you are unfamiliar on who Charles Babbage is give him a quick googling or check his wikipedia page here or surf over to the Charles Babbage Institute you won't be disappointed the dude has pre modern cool in spades.

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