Monday, December 10, 2007

Week of December 10th Reasons for Celebration

Monday: Nobel Peace Prize Day

This years Nobel Prize in Physics went to Albert Fert Peter Grünberg. They are two awesome blokes who discovered something called Giant Magnetoresistance. Umm its something to do with magnetic field changes under certain conditions but it means that we can cram more memory into our miniaturized hard drives. Basically we can have 50 gig I pods now
sort of...

Tuesday: The Anniversary of Unicef

Wednesday: Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

According to Catholic accounts of the Guadalupan apparition, during a walk from his village to the city on December 9, 1531, Juan Diego saw a vision of a Virgin at the Hill of Tepeyac. Speaking in Nahuatl, Our Lady of Guadalupe said to build an abbey on the site, but when Juan Diego spoke to the Spanish bishop, Fray Juan de Zumárraga, the prelate asked for a miraculous sign. So the Virgin told Juan Diego to gather flowers from the hill, even though it was winter, when normally nothing bloomed. He found Spanish roses, gathered them on his tilma, and presented these to the bishop. According to tradition, when the roses fell from it the icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared imprinted on the cloth.

Thursday: Its Steve Buscemi's Birthday Surely that reason enough to get a cake even if you don't know him personally

An awesome guy...

Friday: According to Japanese lore this is the day that the epic 47 ronin avenged their master after a year of planning to assassinate Kira Yoshinaka. You can read the Wikipedia article here the whole thing is awesome, you know why because its about a ton of samurai and whats more bad ass than one samurai? Yeah 47 samurai for you math whizzes thats like at least 5 times more samurai than you average Kurosawa film.

Saturday: James Naismith (A Canadian by the way) invents the first iteration basketball. This of course lays the way for the And1 Mixtapes and well the rest is history.

Sunday: This is the 2nd Sunday of the advent which means my family is going to have an awesome dinner and I'm going to partake after my long pilgrimage home for the holidays and feast until I feel sleepy.... and awesome

So thats this week in days that are most excellent I hope it makes you feel better as a person.

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