Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interawesome: Overclocked Remix

So right now your on the Internet and if its after midnight then the chances are even higher that you are some manner of nerd, geek or dork. Now far be it from me to insult my humble readers because I am all these things and its good to know that society is coming around to recognizing the we are good people. That being said because you are some manner of nerd you probably like video games right? Course you do and lets face it the Internet is still a pretty quiet place, sonically speaking. So your gonna need music right? Course you are, so if you like video games, music and the internet then surf on over to for all your video game musical needs.

Run by the ever candid David Lloyd AKA djpretzel ,who has contributed a ton of remixes of his own, this site has been around 1999 and has liternally thousands of user contributed remixes of all of your favorite games and a bunch you've never heard of. Ever wanted to hear extra pumpin' versions of the already amazing Fzero sound track? or maybe a salsa inspired MGS II remix? Well you can now. Some of the remixes are absolutly fantastic and are easily on par and better than a lot of production quality music these days and certainly alot better than a lot of the garbage that passes for electronic music nowadays. Given some of the charm may be the source material but in reality these are excellent stand alone works worthy of their own albums.

The 45 track Final Fantasy VII album cover

Oh wait they actually have albums, yeah. Radical Dreamers, FF7, Sonic 3, Street Fighter 2, Chrono Trigger, Kirby's Adventure, Doom, Sonic 2, Donkey Kong and super Metroid all have their own alubms complete with cover art, liner note and 11 -45 songs per album( some are multi disc) and they're all available for free via torrent or direct download. In closingcheck this site out your ears will thank you.

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